community clinic

— with Peter Gigante —

1289 Romsey Road, Romsey Victoria

pediatric clinic training program

Designed for practitioners of Chinese medicine who wish to build their clinical experience in the treatment of children, the 'Pediatric Clinic Training Program' utilizes Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and paediatric tuina to promote child health and provide treatment for disease.

Taking place in a purpose designed multi-bed community clinic in Romsey, this program provides training to practitioners who wish to offer services to families who seek to support their children’s health using Chinese medicine.

community children's clinic

The East West Community Clinic is a service designed to provide low cost access to Chinese medical health care for children. Massage, acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy is provided to cultivate paediatric practice in a collegial and supervised clinical setting. The clinic is expected to open in July 2019 in our recently completed purpose built clinic.

If you are interested in booking your child into the community clinic please note the the clinic will operate in a multi-bed space and sessions may have trainees present for observation and treatment. A private space is available when required and children with special needs are always welcome.