peter gigante

— Registered Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal practitioner and Chinese herbal dispenser —

Romsey and South Melbourne
0427 906 602


I trained in shiatsu therapy before pursuing studies in Chinese Medicine in Australia and China including a 4 year apprenticeship in Melbourne Victoria and clinical training at Xiyuan hospital Beijing China.  I am a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Dispenser and have been in private practice for over 30 years,

I have a special interest in children's health, and have conducted many workshops and lectures on Chinese medicine paediatrics. I use the physical medium of tactile therapy based on shiatsu and paediatric tuina, as the basis of my work, as well as TCM Othopaedics and traumatology in the treatment of patients with disabilities and special needs. I also incorporate acupuncture, and use Chinese Herbal Medicine extensively. I care deeply about providing a positive contribution to my patients' present and future health.

I teach reguarly around Australia and internationally. I am committed to promoting Chinese Medicine for children and to developing the knowledge, skills and other attributes of practitioners wishing to enhance this area of practice and to conversations about children, health and Chinese medicine.

I continue to see adults in my practice, with many of whom I have maintained a long term therapeutic relationship, including some former child patients, their parents or other family, and some who have been regular clients since the early days of my practice. Living in a regional farming district, I also am consulted for back, knee, shoulder and other injuries, chronic pain or disease, and seasonal disorders.


Initial consultations: 1 hour

Includes assessment of presenting complaint, health history, differential diagnosis, determination of therapeutic priorities and strategy, selection of appropriate treatment method/s, and provision of initial treatment. Advice about length of treatment, types of herbal medicine formulas and approximation of costs are  discussed prior to consent to proceed.

Parents of children attending my clinic typically remain in the treatment room throughout the appointments, and during treatments are usually seated beside the child on the treatment table. In some cases the parent seats away from the table as a passive observer. Siblings often attend sessions, and are encouraged to play quietly within the room. At my clinic in country Victoria I maintain a large outdoor garden where children can play and families wander in a landscaped bush setting. A small playground and public park is nearby my Melbourne practice allowing a free space for play before or after appointments.
Families in attendance provides often invaluable insight into family and social behaviours, values and communication as well as health trends and histories.

Follow up appointments: 30 minutes

Herbal Medicine,  acupuncture  and shiatsu as well as paediatric tuina and related methods are applied according to patient needs and preferences. Dietary, exercise, lifestyle and parenting advice is offered accordingly.


Peter also practices at Wind Water Health, South Melbourne.

For more information on Wind Water Health please visit the following website: